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Cooling Towers and Service

GEA provides all facets of Cooling Tower technology, from new builds, repairs and maintenance of all types of cooling towers. We cater for small pack towers to large mechanical drift units and also supply an large array of cooling tower parts and services.

Through our in house manufacturing facilities, our dedicated maintenance services and technical staff can keep your plant operating at peak performance with minimal downtime.

Cooling Towers are the reliable, energy-efficient work horses of the process technology industry.

Considering the importance of Cooling Tower operation, the maintenance needs are modest when compared to many conventional plants. However, in order to ensure that the cooling tower can create the right conditions under all circumstances, maintenance must be targeted and effective.

We can offer an all encompassing service for all your cooling towers requirements.

GEA undertakes all work using quality products and materials designed to meet the arduous conditions encountered in cooling tower environments.

We have developed excellent relationships with an extensive network of specialist manufacturers and suppliers that afford us preferential status. This enables us to obtain rapid delivery of key components at competitive prices.

All projects are carried out under an externally audited system of quality management, fully compliant with our ISO9001 certification.

Water Cooling Principles

For maximum working efficiency, a cooling tower must combine three essential elements - a highly efficient packing providing a large surface area for exchange of heat, an even water distribution system and effective drift eliminator.

GEA cooling towers intergrate these elements are carefully combined by GEA to provide the most efficient operation for each particular installation - essential for the minimum plint area and minimum power consumption.


In GEA towers, we have various types of film-flow packing media available, to give precisely the cooling performance demanded by the specification. Variations in packing design cater for the differences in water purity/contamination in conjunction with minimum resistance to counterflow air. Final choice of packing is in answer to the equation of optimum cooling at an economical cost.

In GEA towers, splash-pack is available, to provide the optimum water droplet size.

Water Distribution System

The full potential of a cooling packing can be realised only by an even distribution of the water over the entire packing area. In the GEA system, water is evenly distributed through heater and lateral pipes discharging on to the packing by the optimum number of nozzles. Each installation is designed to have the self-cleansing action appropriate to the quantity of water being circulated.

Fans, Motors & Gearboxes

A wide choice of components are available to us, proven by years of experience, to match the performance duties of the tower. Maintenance, vibration, weatherproofing and noise are all criteria that are taken into account, balanced against airflow requirements.

In some circumstances, low power consumption can be the predominant interest; on other occasions environmental noise may be the overriding factor.

Drift Eliminator

Eliminator are fitted at the distribution level, being a single bank of PVC drift to restrict the carry over to a acceptable precipitation rate.


GIS offer specialist sizing, design to BS 7159, BS6464 for all its distribution pipework manuafctured at the midlands facility. Water distrbution is by a pipe and sprayer, commencing with the main header and a series of latterals distributing the water over the packing. To mininize costs GEA will individually design each header and laterials to pass these savings on to the client

Air Inlet Louvers

To reduce the risk of water carry over, GEA offer an additional safeguard to maximize the control of the water droplet within the tower to mininize any blow through.

Gearbox, Drive Shafts

Gearboxes are fitted to the outside of the fan stacks to allow easy lubrication checks, refills and mechanical works. GEA also offer repalcement units to match the existing equipment. The drive shafts transmit power from the motor to the gearbox. GEA are able to laser align all parts associated with the equipment.

Fan Stack

Fan stack are generally replaced with light weight GRP units, however traditional existing units manuafctured from timber can be repaired, replaced or refurbished at our works or on site.


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